Planning & Engineering

Effective utilization of available resources is one area where businesses can focus on, thereby improving productivity and cutting down on additional cost. Delivery planning & fulfillment solution helps businesses to effectively utilize their existing vehicle force by implementing priority based algorithm.

Detailed engineering is the execution of the full definition of a project and its requirements following the completion of front end designs. At this stage of the project, Vegh Supply Chain Solution will typically perform design verifications, produce detailed specifications for procurement and develop construction workpacks.

Our detailed engineering delivery is successful due to the following:

  • Years of engineering experience
  • Thorough Quality Management System
  • Specialist engineering knowledge

Our multi-disciplined team is experienced in all aspects of engineering design and work as part of an integrated team with our clients to suit specific project demands.

Route Optimization

The basis for route optimization is the use of models to describe the transport network that needs to be planned. When building a model, the scope of the overall network needs to be defined, ensuring that all the data is included, such as regulations or highway problems. The model has a number of components such as products, vehicles, and personnel.

Vehicles: A transportation network within the model can be divided into a number of sectors which is represented by a vehicle, which moves between an origin and a destination location. Each vehicle may have different attributes such as volume or weight capacity, loading times, cost per mile, and vehicle limitations, i.e. speed of the vehicle.

Products: The product moves from one geographic location to another, often described as the origin and the destination. The product will be defined by its weight and its volume, which are important factors for shipping.

Personnel: The personnel assigned to the model have characteristics that are governed by the type of work they perform. For example, a driver has limitations on the amount of driving they can achieve based on regulations from the US Department of Transport, which determines the length of continuous driving, length of mandatory breaks, etc.

Strategic network design and scenario analysis

Customers often want to know how to optimize the setup of their supply chain network in support of business strategy. Vegh Supply Chain Solution Consulting leverages this service to conduct an ‘as-is’ assessment of your current network at a regional / country level, gaining deep understanding of your current network as a baseline for testing future scenarios and optimizing network design. We offer strategic recommendations that balance your supply chain requirements with business requirements – for example, to lower carbon emissions, reduce total cost, improve customer service, or a combination of these and other objectives. Our team undertakes thorough analyses and models multiple scenarios using state-of-the-art software to recommend an optimal, fit-for-purpose network design. We also provide an implementation plan, which includes input from Vegh Supply Chain Solution network of operational experts.

Manpower Solutions

Owing to the support of our adroit professionals, we are able to provide our clients with high quality Manpower Management. In order to execute this management service, we have employed a team of highly experienced and dexterous professionals who provide excellent solutions to our prestigious customers. While imparting this management service, our professionals also take the valuable feedback of the patrons. This service is rendered by our experts at market leading prices.

Logistics facility design, consultation and construction

In logistics/cold warehouses projects, it is important to precisely divide the flow of heavy vehicle with visitors, employees etc to plan a high functionality and safety-friendly project plan. In the case of cold warehouses, we plan to ensure realization of temperature zone required by the client.

Site selection and lease negotiation

The strategic importance of logistics is steadily increasing and companies need effective logistics support to achieve competitive advantage. Warehousing strategy is an essential element of the overall distribution logistics strategy and especially the decision of selecting optimal sites for warehouses has significant effects on customer service and logistic costs. The warehouse site selection is a complex process where multiple, both tangible and intangible, criteria need to be considered. However, many of the present methods supporting the process remain cost-oriented. In the paper, we present an integrated approach to the site selection process where both qualitative and quantitative aspects can be taken into account by using an analytic hierarchy process-based decision aid.

A commercial lease is an important part of your business. … Remember that a real estate lease agreement is prepared by the landlord to favor the landlord. Your responsibility as a potential tenant is to read it completely, understand what it says, and then ask for modifications that will favor you.

P&L Management to enhance profitability & Business

If you want to get the attention of your company’s top executives, you need to speak their language, and that means finding a way to show the impact of supply chain management on the profit and loss statement.

If you want to get the attention of your company’s top executives, you need to speak their language, and that means finding a way to show the impact of supply chain management (SCM) on the profit and loss (P&L) statement. For many managers, that’s far from easy.

How, then, can supply managers make savings visible to top executives? One way is to take advantage of the three separate opportunities supply management/purchasing has for creating savings: 1) during contract negotiations, 2) when working with a business unit, and 3) when resolving problems.

Placing savings into one of these categories can help managers show some time-period-specific savings, even if they don’t always coincide with the P&L period.

4PL Management - Handling end to end supply chain

The concept of a fourth Party Logistics provider is an associate that collects resources, skills/capabilities, and technologies to run complete supply chain solutions.

Fourth Party Logistic Model (4PL). The manufacturer does not only outsource the organisation of its logistic tasks to third parties, but also the management thereof. Fourth party logistic service providers often check the entire supply chain. The organisational and executive activities are again often outsourced to other parties.

Fourth party logistic service providers often have no means of transport and warehouses (non-asset based logistics). The fourth party logistic role demands intense involvement from the service supplier in the client’s business activities. After all, not only does the latter outsource the execution but also the monitoring of the logistic processes. The short-term thinking with collaboration agreements purely on the basis of cost-related reasons is replaced with long-term partnerships where quality of the service will play a primary role, and which involves shared risks and benefits.